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OH HI there.

Has it really been this long? I have not forgotten about this blog.. not really… I’ve just been…rather…busy you could say. Moving like twice..falling in love… being in the hospital… working on things with my parents…. you know living life I guess?

I finally will have internet in my apartment on Thursday so I really hope that I will take the initiative to start appreciating this thing more. I miss my late night tumblr rambles.. I ramble away to people and I must sound like a drone but you never failed me tumblr haha.

My life is such a clusterfuck of I dont knows right now… I’m so happy but I’m terrified, and worried about everything at the same time. I’m completely in love and it makes me anxious with how vulnerable that makes me but, it makes me feel so alive… something inside me has finally reawoken and the ice has cracked and melted. He’s that connection I’ve been searching for and I’m grateful for life letting him walk into my world.

I’m living in an apartment with a roommate, a girl I went to highschool with and was always on friendly terms with. In grade 11 we got really close and since then we kept a good friendship.. when I started looking for a place to live after having to leave the room I was renting, she asked if I wanted to be roommates. I jumped on it because I wasn’t crazy about the idea of living with a dude and I’m like minded enough with Janelle that I couldn’t pass it up plus she’s a rad girl as well. So we found a place that’s central to everything and Zak lives just down the street so I can see him whenever i want to. It’s a little on the ghetto side, but everyone has to start somewhere right? 

Anyhow, I hope to post again really soon and hope all is well with my lovely followers <3.

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I had to make the stop and see this for my self, such a beautiful piece. Forever in my thoughts, rest in paradise. 💚🌷🎶 #memorial #rip #missed #friend #roadtrippin #sad
Hai there! #selfie #whaddup #nomakeup #friday #chills #smiles
I guess I like him a lot 👌💜❤#boyfriend #cute #hemakesmehappy #smiles #hehe
We kinda snuck up close and got a way better view. #cityandcolour #dallasgreen #concert #amazing #bliss #beautifulhuman #sohappy @missamandaelle